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A lot of business owners think that your brand is your logo. It is so much more than that.

You need to know who you are, who your customers are as well as what your business stands for. This includes attributes you want for your brand and the feelings you want to elicit...

Anyone can build a website these days. However, building a website that generates money is another ball game.  The strategy that is often used is focusing on the outcome first and working backwards from there. This means that the website targets where the business want...

Ten years ago when a company decided to have an individual represent their brand it would always mean a celebrity, with the development of platforms like Instagram came Influencers. Influences come in all shapes and sizes, depending on a company's brand it isn't actual...

SEO is more than just backlinking, keywords and onsite optimisation. It's more of a strategy.

5 Tips to use SEO effectively:

1. Assessment and return on investment: Assess what you actually need from SEO, What is your measurable target that you aim to achieve.

2. You nee...

When you're in business if you are not focused every day you can get lost pretty easily. You need to prioritise, you need to focus on the right things at the right time.

Find your niche and focus on it. You can't be everything to everyone. A problem many new companies f...

The way you present your business online should be similar to how you would face to face.

Being genuine, authenticity is undervalued but it is something that every potential customer will take note of. Clients want to feel some sort of connection to your business they c...

There are various ways you can leverage your SEO without directly paying for your page to come up first on search. Some are more effective than others, so here are our top 10 SEO tricks and things don't google is looking for.

1. You need to think of the G...

Why are some brands determined to stay in high school when it comes to advertising?

You know the ads I mean, the our brand is better than your brand ad, the our brand of toxic cola flavored sugar drink is better than their brand of toxic cola flavored sugar drink.  


Design and UX is paramount to the SEO journey, you want people to stay on the site rather than leaving because of a bad UX. What you will often find is that a website will have done really well in keyword analysis and other SEO strategies. However once on the site the...

A while ago we posted this image to our social media platforms.

However what you didn't know is that this image could have caused a lot of issues. The the first version of this image had one simple change that made it completely unusable. The reason we caught this was b...

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