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I think most would agree that the new Rest logo in April 2018 is miles ahead of the previous logo, but shortly after seeing it we came across a very popular brand with a very similar take.

The new logo is fresh, with great use of colour which consistently transitions i...

Briefing in your design agency can be a really arduous task, particularly when your agency hasn’t really provided a structure in which to brief them or a system for managing tasks.

In this article we will cover a series of inclusions to consider when briefing in an agen...

The barista at your favorite coffee shop is in a bad mood and gets your coffee order wrong or even worse - makes your coffee undrinkable. It’s not the first time this week.

Part of the reason why you are coming back to the same coffee shop is hoping that you will get th...

Here’s just a shortlist of a couple of stand out re brands from 2018.

1. Cotton on: Agency Cornwell was tasked with re brand the international retail clothing brand Cotton On to bring a consistent connect experience.

Cornwell claims “The colon was used to link the world...

It was an absolute pleasure sharing my business journey with Jane Jackson of We speak of my work history from working in the US and in Australia, both agency and client side.

I explain how we use tool to gather a deep understanding of our clients g...

Positioning your brand is as much about your brand values as it is about the brands tone. Your brand should connect at a fundamental level and helps to build the way customers interact with your brand. Here are a couple approaches to take:


Perfect for luxury and qua...

Time and money are often the 2 biggest reasons why social media suffers. It can be a very effective channel for connecting and engaging current and future customers but it can't be neglected. So here are a couple of disciplines that can help you stay on track and make...

In this confusing digital landscape it can be hard to separate who you are and who is your brand . . . So let's define the two, identify the benefits of building both and the dangers of building your brand as your personal brand.

First off - Some definitions:

Personal Br...

One of the greatest struggles in our industry is gaining clients. Everyone knows they should probably hire a designer but when it comes down to crunch time, most don't in many cases.

If you cut corners and go the online design site route, you may score a great designer...

The curse of colour. What is the right colour for your brand? The real answer is not some kind of mystique voodoo. How many times do you hear that red is a colour that makes people hungry

. . . How does this make you feel?


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