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Positioning your brand is as much about your brand values as it is about the brands tone. Your brand should connect at a fundamental level and helps to build the way customers interact with your brand. Here are a couple approaches to take:


Perfect for luxury and qua...

In this confusing digital landscape it can be hard to separate who you are and who is your brand . . . So let's define the two, identify the benefits of building both and the dangers of building your brand as your personal brand.

First off - Some definitions:

Personal Br...

The curse of colour. What is the right colour for your brand? The real answer is not some kind of mystique voodoo. How many times do you hear that red is a colour that makes people hungry

. . . How does this make you feel?


Design-led thinking has become a real buzz word in the business realm – with companies like Apple, Sony, Coke and Nike leading the way – it takes integrating design process and design strategy into your business model to leverage your brand over the competition.

As can...

Well, let's start with a couple questions...

  1. Are you creatively driven?

  2. Are you aware of visual language and trends?

  3. Are you able to effectively portray what sets you apart from the competition?

  4. Are you able to understand your brand through your cus...

Going through our own brand process, we've been able to really put our processes into action. Here are some things to consider when going through putting together a new brand or going through a rebrand so you can achieve the best results for your business and build las...

It is widely acknowledged that setting objectives with your business, focusing towards them and aligning all company behaviours towards that goal, helps everyone within the business to strive to accomplish it.

Well, this is no different for how you should esta...

Client discovery is a crucial step in understanding the requirements a client to create the best outcomes and producing the best result. A strategy is needed to unlock in-depth thinking which can help articulate issues, test hypotheses, and probe deep into whatever cha...

Each and every brand is different. That is why at we tailor every project specifically to the needs of your business. We use our tried and tested processes to ensure we clearly understand your needs; the personality; the language that will best connect wit...

Think of your brand not just as a logo or a person, a 'brand' carries its own personality. A reflection of the values and positioning your brand stands for.

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