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Visual Identity
Property Signboard
Business Card
Document Cover (Front)
Document Cover (Back)
Property Pamphlet (Front)
Property Pamphlet (Content)
Property Pamphlet (Back)
VIP Invitation (Back)
VIP Invitation (Back)
Property Flyer (Back)
Property Flyer (Front)
Trifold Brochure
Trifold Brochure
Trifold Brochure
Chinese Brochure (Front)
Chinese Brochure (Content)
Chinese Brochure (Content)
Email Signature


Brand and Property Collateral

The Brief

Veeva Property merges experienced and honed negotiation skills, marketing acumen, in-depth local market knowledge and value-added project management into a sophisticated brad package. Needing to represent high-end clientele with approachable service.

The Outcome

Simple elegant elements are bought together to create an elegant brand feel across many different pieces including: Letterhead; Proposal; Business card; Email signature; Signboards; invitations; Property brochures and many other promotional pieces including newspaper, social and WeChat promotions. With a high focus on maintaining a consistent style and brand message.

This is achieved through the application of the logo being in the centre of all collateral pieces and using brand marks like the icon and dark grey base strip to have a continuation across all media.

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