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Often considering a rebrand could be seen as a cost rather than a benefit to your business. Here’s a couple reasons you may not have thought of where rebranding can give you a tangible ROI.

1. Business has gone stagnant: Does your business feel like it’s just chugging...

I think most would agree that the new Rest logo in April 2018 is miles ahead of the previous logo, but shortly after seeing it we came across a very popular brand with a very similar take.

The new logo is fresh, with great use of colour which consistently transitions i...

A lot of time clients come to us for a piece of design without knowing how they want it to be. This is the moment where designers have to be a detective and try to scoop out as much information as we can from the client. It is a time-consuming process, especially when...

A lot of business owners think that your brand is your logo. It is so much more than that.

You need to know who you are, who your customers are as well as what your business stands for. This includes attributes you want for your brand and the feelings you want to elicit...

It’s a phrase you hear often: Design is in the details. A famous quote from Charles Eames usually follows “The details are not the details. They make the design.”

Paying attention to small details—and in some cases, obsessively focusing on “what isn’t right”—can take a...

Anyone can build a website these days. However, building a website that generates money is another ball game.  The strategy that is often used is focusing on the outcome first and working backwards from there. This means that the website targets where the business want...

Briefing in your design agency can be a really arduous task, particularly when your agency hasn’t really provided a structure in which to brief them or a system for managing tasks.

In this article we will cover a series of inclusions to consider when briefing in an agen...

Ten years ago when a company decided to have an individual represent their brand it would always mean a celebrity, with the development of platforms like Instagram came Influencers. Influences come in all shapes and sizes, depending on a company's brand it isn't actual...

SEO is more than just backlinking, keywords and onsite optimisation. It's more of a strategy.

5 Tips to use SEO effectively:

1. Assessment and return on investment: Assess what you actually need from SEO, What is your measurable target that you aim to achieve.

2. You nee...

Having a website is one of the catalysts of starting or growing business, but with so many different types of websites it can be overwhelming and confusing. Websites can be designed with different plugins and features that allow you to showcase your portfolio, book a t...

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