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Top 5 tips for Effective (Affordable) SEO

SEO is more than just backlinking, keywords and onsite optimisation. It's more of a strategy.

5 Tips to use SEO effectively:

1. Assessment and return on investment: Assess what you actually need from SEO, What is your measurable target that you aim to achieve.

2. You need to identify your weaknesses on your site so that you can improve so that it is on par with your competitors and eventually beat them.What actually needs to be done to your site needs to be defined and planned to create a cohesive strategy.

3. Implementation offsite - External work that is being done vs onsite tweaks to be done by a designer on the actual website.

4. Re evaluate, is the strategy actually yielding a return, sometimes this can be the site or something online but it could be something completely separate like the way the person who answers your phones responds to potential clients.

5. SEO is about buzz, you need to back link your site, other pages and sites in your niche need to be talking about your business. When people are actually talking about your content online the Google algorithm will boost its positioning.

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