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Rest Rebrand Not So Unique

I think most would agree that the new Rest logo in April 2018 is miles ahead of the previous logo, but shortly after seeing it we came across a very popular brand with a very similar take.

The new logo is fresh, with great use of colour which consistently transitions into many of the brand elements. Including the finer details in the iconography styling.

The new website is fresh and user friendly with a strong and clear customer focus.

Then it happened. All this love for the great new brand application. Talking to my friends about it, raving about how great a job they did . . . and disaster strikes. I don’t frequently watch TV but I happen to be watching a UK show when the credits ran and at the end popped up ITV. I start conjuring up thoughts. “I’ve seen this logo before . . . but where?” and then it hit me - The new Rest Logo.

Though the colour and shape are different. The connected lettering with the changing of colour as the connection overlaps the letter, uses the same design principle as the Rest logo. ITV’s new logo was created in early 2012 by Rudd Studio in the UK. It’s use of multiple colour sections allowed it to have a chameleon like application. Changing colour dependent on the show or the channel.

​The “mother” version for ITV will use four colours but it can be changed according to the program it’s used in connection with, which they call “colour picking”. This is a great way to retain the brand associations but also form relevance with their content. But Twitter at the time had a different opinion describing the design as "super disgusting", that it looked like a “bottom” or even an “Ann Summers sex toy.”Basically

Though there are similarities in the styling, the Rest logo has been received well from it’s nearly 2 million members. It had not been revitalised since 1988 and now associates a much more customer and technology focus as the driver for the re brand.

"We’ve listened to our customers and are continuing to refine our offering to meet the increased demand for brand experiences that are real, convenient and connected.” - Rest Interim Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Howard

They seem to have really hit the mark with this one. What are your thoughts? Future forward for Rest Superfund? Please follow us on social media and share in the comments.

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