Design Translate: Industry Vs Customers

A lot of time clients come to us for a piece of design without knowing how they want it to be. This is the moment where designers have to be a detective and try to scoop out as much information as we can from the client. It is a time-consuming process, especially when clients are not equipped with the right words and right terms to explain how they want their design to look like.

Hence why we wrote this article for you, our dear clients, to help you navigate and explain clearer to your designer what you want.

1. Can we make the color pop more? First of all, what do you mean by pop? Maybe this is what you mean: - Can we make the color more saturated? - Can we use a brighter color? - Can we add more contrast between the colors so it stands out more?

Because, pop could mean anything. So, please avoid using that word to explain what you want to your designer.

2. I feel like there’s something missing. Well, hello… can you explain more what you feel is lacking? Because giving this kind of feedback doesn’t help the designer at all on what needed to be fixed. This feedback is suggestive without giving any clues. We need more details. - Is it the logo work needs to be adjusted?

- Is there to much empty space? - Is it the color?

- Font?

- Spacing?

3. I don’t quite like the font. Uhm, hold on. You have to give us reasons why you don’t like the font. Maybe this is what you mean: - Can we have a sans-serif font instead of serif? - The font is too hard to read.

- Can we make the font bigger/smaller - I need more decorative font. Maybe something like [insert what type of font you want eg: brushscript]?

4. Make it more creative. Like… how? More color? Add glitter? Maybe we can use all the colors of the rainbow? Maybe this is what you mean: - Can you add pictures? - Can you add more colors? It’s too plain.

5. I don’t like this blue. Can you make it bluer blue? Blue is blue. There’s a Million types of different blue. Your explanation only confuses us. In this scenario, we can suggest you to look into google image and type whatever color you are looking for. Google should be able to show you all the different blue and hopefully they have the bluer blue that you are looking for... Hopefully. Pantone Colors are also helpful.

At the end of the day, we understand that sometimes things are hard to be explain. And so with this article, we hope that this can help you on your future briefing and doesn’t sound like a clueless, like these clients. One last tips for you is - the more information you give us the better.