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How your Web Design affects your SEO.

Design and UX is paramount to the SEO journey, you want people to stay on the site rather than leaving because of a bad UX. What you will often find is that a website will have done really well in keyword analysis and other SEO strategies. However once on the site the user has a really bad experience, its difficult to navigate to different pages, everything is a mess and they just click out of the site. The other issue is that If you have a high bounce rate and a low time on site google won't prioritised in searches so all that effort you put into making sure the more obvious SEO strategies were up to scratch effectively counts for nothing.

However it's not just design it's also communication. Having a good copy is key, you need to engage a copywriter who is capable of writing keyword rich content without it becoming to spammy. (We discussed SEO rich copy in our ‘Top 10 SEO Tips and tricks ‘ blog post which you can find here (link) ) The problem is it can be quite difficult, depending on your industry, to write copy that is engaging to the audience and gives all the information you need while also being SEO friendly. When you take all this into consideration it often becomes cheaper to hire a Copywriter who knows what they are doing than to spend hours of your own time writing copy that is still not as effective as the work a good copywriter can produce in half the time.

Leaving out UX when planning your SEO Strategy can mean you create a negative association with your brand. A site that is difficult to use will cause potential clients to go elsewhere and make them resistant to giving you product a try once you fix your UX. You can't only do half with SEO, having clients find the site but leave it because of bad experience is just as useless as having an incredible site no one ever finds.

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