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5 Ways to Keep Your Brand Authentic Online

The way you present your business online should be similar to how you would face to face.

Being genuine, authenticity is undervalued but it is something that every potential customer will take note of. Clients want to feel some sort of connection to your business they can't do that with overly formal, contrived wording. Using language that you would in speech is key, we often write in a different way to how we speak. A good tip to help avoid this is to voice record and then transcribe your content. Doing this helps keep your content engaging and relatable.

In terms of actual content there are five simple things you can do to make sure you come across as authentic.

1. Rely on personal brands

Content shared on an individual’s social media account will be seen as more authentic than one that came from a company page. Also unless you are willing to spend money on boosting your posts personal pages get more organic reach than company pages do.

2. Use personal anecdotes and humor

Social media is just that, Social, you can be far more informal online than you can in traditional advertising, what's more it pays off. Incorporate more personal anecdotes, jokes, and a lighter, tongue-in-cheek voice.

3. Avoid excessive self-promotion

Using the 2-2-1 rule here is a good standard to make sure you don't over sell. When you are creating your content try use 2 pieces of relevant information, 2 soft sells and 1 hard sell. Otherwise your audience is just constantly seeing ads from you and they disengage with your brand mentally even if the still follow you and engage with your content.

4. Originality

What you post as your own content should not be copied from somewhere else, obviously, it is far too easy to find the original online and any content that doesn't match your usual tone will seem a little off to your audience.

5. Avoid pseudo-profound bullshit and gimmicks

Users can tell that it adds no real value so while pseudo-profound bullshit content may get high engagement it lends your brand no credibility. (Check out our other blog post for more about this one)

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