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The Power of Psychology In Social Media

We all know social media is an important tool businesses use to communicate with their target audiences. 81% of small to medium businesses use social media and 91% say that social media helped increased awareness of their brand and generate new leads and customers for their business.

But the question remains are businesses maximising the full potential of social media and reaching their target audiences?

It’s important when engaging with social media that the content and language used is attracting the right type of customers to your business. Marketing agencies and top companies have been using cognitive and social psychology for years apply consumer behaviour principles to attract people into their businesses or client’s businesses. These strategies have the ability to influence and attract people into your business through subtle but effective techniques rooted in behavioural economics.

With the MINDSPACE tool developed by renowned Paul Dohlan, we use principles rooted in psychology and behavioural economics to market your brand to your key target audiences increasing overall traffic to your social media pages and overall business. Using these techniques your social content will be more effective, more specific and will drive results and increase your customer base.

To give you a taste of what MINDSPACE is and the possibilities it could offer your business check out the infographic below!

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