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Get Your Marketing In The Right MINDSPACE

The MINDPSACE technique or model (Messenger, Incentives, Norms, Defaults, Salience, Priming, Affect, Commitment, Ego) was the brainchild of Professor Paul Dolan, created to inform behavioural change polices for the British government. Behavioural economics and consumer behaviour shows that by changing the choice architecture (the design of different ways in which choices can be presented to consumers, and the impact of that presentation on consumer decision-making), we have the capability to nudge people and society towards better social outcomes. In fact it turns out our behaviour is a lot more ‘automatic’ and somewhat less ‘reflective’ than we previously thought.

The MINDSPACE model was originally developed as a policy-makers checklist to help them think about how to frame behavioural change and think through the key psychological heuristics that could inform social change. But along with impacting policy MINDSPACE has been applied to the marketing world to disrupt common marketing techniques and social media to create greater impact!

Checkout our infographic to see how MINDSPACE can be applied to marketing strategy.

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