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Are your clients seeing your vision? - Tenders/Proposals

How much did you spend creating your last major tender or proposal? From the analysis, research, reporting, sketching, mock-ups and writing.

$100,000? $300,000? $1 Million?

Now how much did you invest on the design? Did it communicate the quality and value of your offer clearly? Did it reflect the high standard your business produces in every project?

What if it only cost you $10,000 to get a leg up on your competition? Would you do it...

Or starting $30,000 to blow your competition out of the water? Would you do it...

It seems like a small investment when you’ve invested so much.

What we can do for you

  • Remove resource pressure in the business

  • Structured approach to improve time efficiency

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Reduced costs

We can offer you a holistic solution to really bring any brand and project to life. There are four major components: Project branding; Document design; Landing page; and Animated 3D walk-through.

We will work very closely with you to bring your vision to life. Whether the full package or a single component, ensuring your project vision if fully realised.

How it all comes together

Project branding:

Setting your name, look and feel for the entire project. A strong brand appeals to the correct audience and forms the project positioning.

Document design: The project branding then transitions through the entire tender/proposal. Consistency across all the content communicates your vision clearly and acknowledges the values your business prides itself on.

Landing page: An online page provides greater accessibility as a first point of contact. Communicating all the tender/proposal information in once place. This cements the vision and shows your technical prowess.

Animated 3D walkthrough: Now bring your project to life with an architectural walkthrough. Allowing your client to understand the dimension of your project and vision. This content can be used online and within your presentations.

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