What Truly Makes a Great Logo

This video perfectly and swiftly explains the different types of logos and reveals logos’ true purpose. Perfect for client or business owners to understand their brand under 5mins.

This topics touches a few key views of logos

  • “Logos are overrated”

  • The different types of logos

  • Wordmark

  • Pictorial

  • Abstract Iconography

  • Logo System - A pictorial or wordmark that represents or links to a concept

  • A good logo is versatile

“Logos are overrated”

Misconception of Logos - Logo’s Purpose and It’s foundation

There seems to a trend, not just with clients but also the general public of not understanding logos’ and the different types. There is a misconception that a logo makes the business complete, however the correct perception is just how Michael explains it. "Logos are empty vessels waiting to be poured with meaning," In other words it’s a resource/tool to help build a brand, becoming long-lasting and adaptable as the business structure changes.

By following Michael’s analogy, the more thought put into the logo, the bigger the vessel, the bigger potential it has to hold meanings. To be more accurate, the perception of a logo completing the business is not the end, it is just the beginning.

The design of the logo has to have a strong foundation. In order to live a long life the logo should be able to adapt to different needs and target different goals. If not, you would have to repeat the process of creating a logo over and over again.

While taking a look at companies like Google and Nike, You start to notice their foundation never changes. By having a strong foundation, these companies were able to adapt to the changes/trends and send a message without damaging their brand identity that the world already knows.

Nike was not made by the swoosh. It was Nike’s marketing apparatus that pushed the swoosh into a brand.

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/582301426791791059/

The Different Types of Logos

A Couple of Examples:



Abstract Iconography

Logo System

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/26458716533588806/?lp=true

A good logo is versatile

What contributes to the success of a business is a good logo strategy

Logos Growing Up - Collaboration & Research

The video has stimulated the idea of how logos actually mature from a solid foundation.

There are many factors which contribute to a strong brand, but the word that surmises this all is connection. This is reinforced as Michael explains that the owners of Nike did not like the original logo, it is how they connected it to the great product, the customers interests and built a community around it through culture made its success.

Ensuring a logo is versatile in these whys is what will allow it to continually connect with your customers.