The Great Client Chase - Part 2

In this article I'm going to cover the effect on brand perception, the complexity in trying to add value to a potential client and how you can help.

So let's get started . . .

Nobody. And I mean nobody likes to hear they have an ugly baby. Well that's the exact look you get when a designer comments on someones business. Many business owners are emotionally tied to their branding and criticizing it is treated like that.

The other reaction you get is what you'd expect if you invited a plastic surgeon over and they uninvitingly commented on your nose, then proceeded to quote you for a nose job.

What would you be thinking if this happened to you? They're after money! Why else would they say that?

Unprompted feedback on someones brand is often received in this way. But why? Could it be that the designer may actually have your best interests in place? That they want to see you succeed?

I know that's where we come from but we can't give feedback on anyone's brand unless we're asked first without it often being taken as an insult . . . so how do we find new clients?

If we advertise, the typical clients we get are looking for a "deal". Compromising on cost is often a compromise on quality. We all want to work with clients that understand the value we create. So aren't you better with someone who understands your needs and the state your business is in, then builds a strategy that will get you where you need to be?

The only other way is through building trust. So many people get burnt by crooks in our industry and it's hard to develop that trust. Referrals can be the fastest way to build this trust.

Word of mouth is still the strongest way to gain new customers. As designers we have to learn how to ask for reviews from our customers and opportunities to connect us with new potential customers. We will always work our hardest to make not only your client, but also you to look good.

So have a look in your networks and see where there might be a great new client for us to run into!