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Social Influence from Social Media

Friday arvo at the office I have 6 deadlines unmet, I am way to hangry from attempting some detox that Bernard recommended to me and the thought of going home to cook is even more distressing then having to eat steamed asparagus for the third time this week! Someone give me a proper meal before I find a way to have Bernard fired!

I just can’t deal anymore! I need a pizza and maybe some prosciutto with some buffalo mozzarella pronto! My Diet can re start on Monday... again. Hmm what to do about this predicament? Search #italianfoodsydney. YES YES YES, my prayers have been answered by the Instagram heavens above other wise known as Mama Rosy’s amazing antipasto platter. And a few clicks away I had a booking and plans for Friday night that didn’t involve finding a way to make Bernard’s life difficult.

I like to consider my self as a foodie and I try to support as many local businesses as possible but I have to say I can also be very lazy and if I can’t find you within 5 clicks you’re not on my radar. We are living in a time where everything has to be validated instantly and we need answers 3 minutes ago.

90% of new products or restaurants I try come from searching a trending hashtag or from a sponsored ad I see on Instagram or Facebook. Do you even have to ask why? I mean why wouldn’t it be! According to the latest Sensis 69% of Australians are using social media and at any given point of the day 63% of us are active online (

With such amazingly high statistics, it is astounding that businesses do not take their social media seriously. They simply don’t make the time for it. It is a free way to advertise, gain inspiration and keep up with the trends. Gone are the days were we have to buy a magazine to see the latest from fashion week or find a recipe for the family dinner.

For all businesses weather you run a service based business or are selling products the importance of social media is crucial to a successful business. It is also crucial to have well thought out social media. Taking good quality photos has never been so easy with everyone having a smart phone. As important as your photos are so are the captions and hash tags. Remember you are not only competing with direct competition you are competing with every business on Facebook/Instagram, so having quick relevant captions is key to keep your audience intrigued, because at the end of the day everyone is busy and wants to be fed before hangry becomes angry.

Our Recommendations

Choose the right channels and content:

  1. Facebook - Great for over-all coverage of any industry; videos are some of the strongest content here; it is a crowded space, stand out!

  2. Instragram - Great for hospitality, fashion, travel; events or personal branding; Very image based so you need to inspire, whatever industry you are in.

  3. Linkedin - Great for services, B2B or personal professional branding; This is not the space for foodies or bloggers, it's about business; Post articles, they are automatically shared with your entire network.

  4. Google Services - Whether or not you want to update your Google Plus, you have to make sure you Google Business page is up to date, many of your customers will be going there to validated your business and read check reviews.

  5. Twitter - Choose carefully with this, why are you using it? What is it that it delivers that the others don't? Fast content and very interactive. Be fresh and try and create a viral interactive trend, have a conversation with your customers.

  6. Pinterest - This is the modern day shopping network. Find something you love, Pin it! Products, fashion and food will do well here.

  7. Snapchat - This can be a great way to instantly get into the notifications of your customers. From addictive stories to quick snaps to short videos. Keep your customers on the pulse of your business. With a simple QR scan to connect, stick it up in your shop front and share.

  8. Youtube/Vimeo - In conjunction with sharing on Facebook, you should always post your video on you channel. This is the best way to use video on your blog or website. Video can really slow a site, this will keep it fast and you can track every view.

One Point of Call

Always have one place you control for your potential customer to see your voice. A blog where all your opinions are collated is important. Link to your blog even when you want to talk about an article, do it from your page, then share.

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