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Stage 1: Relationship Branding

Each and every brand is different. That is why at we tailor every project specifically to the needs of your business. We use our tried and tested processes to ensure we clearly understand your needs; the personality; the language that will best connect with your customers; and what elements we can establish so that you stand out within your industry.

The Need

We are your Creative Consultants so the most important step is to establish not only the need of the client but the needs of their customers. Having a strong understanding of the brand and business procedures allows for us to make recommendations which become the key strategies within the proposal, ensuring it is accurate and delivers results.

How? This is achieved through our initial meetings which uncover the needs and scope of the project. Each meeting is consolidated in an email to the client to ensure transparent and open communications.

Identify Why

We evaluate your market, identify how it ticks and refine the information to give a clearer picture of your needs and those of your customers.

How? Using knowledge of your known competitors and search we are able to locate and establish a list of comparative market competitors. This also includes a review of your current collateral.

Stand Out

Discerning the particular qualities, personalities and offerings that truly set you apart from your competition and leveraging those to set you apart from you competition.

How? Combining information we have gathered through discussions in regards to your brand, your aims, your competition and research.

WHAT: The Proposal

An outline of the campaigns pre-approved tasks and potential opportunities - strategies, mechanics, communications, timelines and preparation of investment. Defining the campaign implementation of activities within agreed mechanics and timeline.

How? A meeting will be set and all options presented so that all parties are clear on the delivery and items required within the initial project.

Creative Execution

Design of campaign elements, which become the stylistic foundation of all the elements throughout the project - logo and overall creative concept, including visual art and tagline/hook for all key elements.

Why? This establishes the foundation of the brand message and ensure consistency throughout all brand elements. Creating a strong unified brand message.


Developing the brand application along with all elements of the project. Meetings and conversations about brand application and marketing strategy occur during this process.

Why? To ensure the project is on track, within budget and reflecting the needs of the client.

Campaign Collateral

Reviewing and revising brand elements across all elements of the campaign.

Why? This ensures it remains consistent and on message.

We have strict check lists and timesheets that map out all activities, track changes. They are used to ensure revisions aren’t missed and transparency throughout the project.

Finalise and Implement

The launch phase. Elements may have been completed and delivered along the way within the project. At this point all residual project items are delivered within the agreed timeline.

What? This may include such items as the final logo pack and style guide, stationery, promotional collateral, website, social media setup, video and any other developments.

TLC: Traffic Leads Conversions

By going through this process, we create a branding application the truly connects with your customers and render an ROI.

We are your end-to-end brand consultants. We will work side by side with you to inspire, grow, develop, drive and engage your business and brand.


We will review the project, any obstacles we overcame to make future work more productive and opportunities to continue to develop or grow your brand. This can include brand promotional and marketing opportunities, innovations, digital and social management.

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