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Four Step Process to Success: Begin with the End in Mind

It is widely acknowledged that setting objectives with your business, focusing towards them and aligning all company behaviours towards that goal, helps everyone within the business to strive to accomplish it.

Well, this is no different for how you should establish your strategy for any brand strategy. Whether Branding, Graphic Design, Advertising, Marketing, Website Content or Social Media Strategy.

At we have aligned our focus in the same way. When working on any project with our clients, we follow a tried and tested process Beginning with the End in Mind.

Our four steps to successfully implement a strategy for growth:

  1. Outcomes Start the process by analysing your current state and forming a vision for where you'd like to grow the brand in the future. How does this effect your branding? Consideration needs to be put into the brand personality, how do you want people to connect with your brand? Brand application, where will it be placed, printed, distributed? How is your brand connecting with now and into the future? Only by acknowledging these questions can you fully realise the opportunities for your brand and ensure all creative elements align to it.

  2. Creative Execution Investigation and budgeting all creative elements. This way project scale can be determined and style guided to ensure they communicate and connect effectively. Consistently maintaining the Brand ideologies. This is where the questions from the first step come into play. The Creative Execution defines the important strategic choices required to be developed. It will define what you will say about your products or services and It explains how you want consumers to think about your Brand.

  3. Implement This is when everything we have prepared comes to light, campaign launch! Websites go live, Collateral to printers, Merchandise ordered, Social Media content posted. The campaign is up and running, in the public eye. Connecting with people, building your brand recognition, creating relationships and growing your brand.

  4. Maintain Depending on the campaign and your business model, most brand require ongoing strategy to continue to grow. This is not out of reach for any brand though. Maintaining the momentum will continue to reinforce the relationships you have now built. One way we help to brands to accomplish this is through our retainer model. This is allows for a financially viable strategy which allows us to take advantage of our deeper understanding of your Brand and Customers - No unexpected surprises.

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