Colour Meaning Crap

The curse of colour. What is the right colour for your brand? The real answer is not some kind of mystique voodoo. How many times do you hear that red is a colour that makes people hungry

. . . How does this make you feel?


YUMMMMM! . . . not surprised if you're craving a Big Mac now. But is it because of the colour or the special sauce?

Well how does this make you feel?


Well if it was red that truly made people gravitate to McDonald's then why is Subway the world fastest growing fast food franchise?

Perhaps it's the great balance of product, service, marketing and it's association to each other that combines to form a great brand.

So when you go to start your new business or rebrand, here are the Three considerations to make:

  1. Will this colour set me apart from the competition? What will make me memorable? Or will it be something more relevant? ie. green for being environmentally friendly.

  2. Should I be a trend setter or stick to the mainstream?

  3. Can I bare looking at it every day?

A great example of challenging the status quo is Lendlease's rebrand. In the world of construction and engineering, most logos use blue, orange or red. Lendlease really step outside of the stereotype with a logo that not only changed color, but would morph for different applications throughout the brand.


So before looking at one of these...


Speak to an industry professional and do a market review to find the best way to set yourself apart from your competition or build that unique brand perception.